Resource Strategic Change Facilitators


Working together with Leeds University we have developed a clear understanding of what teambuilding is and how it can be achieved.


We work indoors, outdoors and in an ‘adventure’ environment to provide teams with the right context to achieve their goals.
Team Building
Our ‘Jigsaw’ Concept

We see teambuilding as being delivered in three distinct ways:

Inter-personal skills:
  • self awareness
  • personal growth

  • Team
    Exploring team based issues:
  • team dynamics
  • new ways of behaving and interacting
  • process improvement

  • Dept/Function/Project/Organisation
  • building corporate vision
  • culture change
  • business improvement focus

  • Resource Strategic Change Teambuilding Videos On YouTubeFeedback
    "Very relaxed, easy going and focussed. Made on think about things from a different perspective and outside the box Very empowering to resolve issues oneself Very good at getting you to work as part of a team and having to work together"
    Susan Tinnion
    Senior Care Manager
    Keighley Department of Services to Children and Young People

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