Resource Strategic Change Facilitators


Objectives: To provide change agents with an understanding of participative change.
The workshop will examine:
  • Strategic analysis using a Key Driver framework and Future Thinking
  • Creating a strategic framework for change
  • Strategic process analysis and improvement
  • Creating a dynamic participative change process
  • Strategic leadership

  • Designed for: Change Managers, Directors and Managers who have the responsibility for managing the direction of the organization, its response to external forces and strategic change.

    Outcomes: As a result of participating in the Workshop they will be able to:
  • Identify how to ‘scan’ the external environment to monitor influences which could dramatically alter the organization’s strategy
  • Determine how to plan a change process to meet the challenges posed by external forces
  • Understand the appropriate leadership style needed for the organisation and understand ones own leadership preferences
  • The course will cover the use and application of the following Change management models and tools
    • ‘UIAOE’
    • Process Mapping
    • Analysis using Key Drivers
    • Future Search
    • Whole Scale Change
    Duration: Two days
    Each delegate will receive a personal copy of the Participative Change Management. Delegates will also have the opportunity to review a personal Organisational Profile and to review it in the context of their organisation’s needs.

    Workshop Structure
    The Workshop will provide a theoretical input around the “EOD” model of change. Delegatates will take part in a Strategic Planning activity. They will then have the opportunity to ‘plan’ a change process around either a case study or a real situation facing their organisation. This will be done in small groups and with a course facilitator.

    The cost of participating in this learning experience is in two parts: the cost of the Programme and the accreditation

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