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Objectives: To give Facilitators the confidence to use the full range of models, tools and techniques and to know when and how to deploy them.
The workshop will examine:
  • Knowing Myself…. Who am I as a Facilitator
  • Practice in understanding the implication of my Facilitation Profile for me and my clients Practice using Advanced Models and Tools
  • Solve™ or Storytelling (depending on the situation)
  • Force Field and its use in implementation planning
  • How to conduct a Process Review
  • Process Iceberg® Model

  • Designed for: Facilitators, change agents and specialists who seek to reach a professional standard of Facilitating. Thye will also want to ground their practical knowledge in a sound understanding of how it can be applied in the workplace in a variety of situations.

    Outcomes: As a result of participating in the workshop they will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the best model, tool and technique to use in which situation
  • Apply the Solve™ Model to a variety of situations
  • Identifying the ‘real’ agenda in an uncertain situation
  • Determining the most effective approach to use on a project
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses as a professional Facilitator

  • Duration: The workshop will be two days in duration (the number of delegates is limited to a maximum of eight) and there will be opportunities to facilitate 'live' problem solving/solution finding situations. Participants must have previously attended the Stage Two Workshop

    Workshop Structure
    Delegates will learn how to use advanced models (such as Solve™) and will use a number of ‘live’ situations to determine how to structure the facilitation intervention: which models, tools and techniques to use and how to structure the workshop.

    Delegates would be encouraged to undertake post-course learning to reinforce their skills after attending the Workshops using the Leeds Metropolitan University Learning Contract as a vehicle for this study and application in the workplace.

    Individuals will have their own Facilitation Profile. The Facilitators will receive feedback on their personal profile, having had an explanation about the skills, attributes and knowledge needed to be an effective Facilitator. This Workshop enables individuals to begin to assess their ability to becoming a professional facilitator and whether it is 'right' for them.

    Those that decide to be can undertake the Learning Contract through Leeds Metropolitan University, which is worth 20 points (towards a Masters).

    Cost: The cost of participating in this learning experience is in two parts: the cost of the Programme and the accreditation through Leeds Metropolitan University.

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