Resource Strategic Change Facilitators

PART 1 - Knowing Myself …… Understanding Others and Advanced Models and Tools

Objectives: To provide individuals with:
  • An understanding of how other people operate and the clues to their behaviours
  • Advanced models and tools

  • The event will cover:
  • Individual questionnaire based profile and feedback
  • The nature of Uncertainty and how it affects groups
  • The role of a Facilitator
  • Advanced models and tools:
    • Force Field implementation
    • Agenda Format
    • Contracting Tool
    • Process Iceberg Meetings model

    When an individual takes on the role of a Facilitator it means they take responsibility for the process. When groups are working in Uncertainty, which means that even the question itself may not even be clear, then arriving at a solution can be 'tough'. They will have the opportunity to use their profile to explore how different personality types react in different situations and how the facilitator can design the process to accommodate different types. Participants will also have had the chance to complete a 360° aptitude questionnaire and they will receive individual feedback on their personal profile during Stage Three

    Designed for: Those whose role will involve facilitating groups tackling operational issues, improving processes and whose role is to help improve the productivity of multi functional/agency groups.

    Outcomes: As a result of participating in the workshop they will:
  • Understand more about the role of the Facilitator and the challenges it presents
  • Understand themselves better as an introduction to facilitating others
  • Learn how to recognise different personality types
  • Understand how different people react and respond in meetings and problem solving activities and how to design the process to make the most of each person’s personality and strengths.
  • Know how to recognise when a meeting/group is operating in uncertainty

  • Duration: This is one day and attendance on Stage One is a pre-requisite.
    Delegates will take away their own personal MBTI™ Profile.

    Workshop Structure
    The participants then learn about different personality types and the way that they respond to different techniques and formats. They will learn which techniques and tools suit different personality types and how to maximise engagement and involvement.

    In between Stage Two (Part 1) and Stage Two (Part 2) the 'facilitators' experience the reality of exploring the task with their appointed task leader, identifying the key issues and designing the Agenda Format to enable the task to be completed successfully. ‘Real-live’ tasks are tackled with the ‘real’ participants in that task.

    Cost: The cost of participating in this learning experience is in two parts: the cost of the Programme and the accreditation (through the ILM)

    Stage 2 Part 2

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