Resource Strategic Change Facilitators


A multi-touch screen application that Resource and LamasaTech are in the process of developing. It will enable people to work together on a ‘wall’ at their own location to tackle problems, identify solutions and create new ideas.


Using multi-touch technology groups will be able to interact with groups (or individuals) in other locations and they will all be able to work on the same data, simultaneously, in real-time.

The benefits of the Facilitation Multi-Wall™ application are:
  • Ability to work with people in different locations and share ideas by working together
  • Visualisation of the information on the wall (rather than a flip chart) and be able to save the data
  • Saving in travelling time because people will be able to work from their own location
  • Saving money that is spent on travel and accommodation
  • Reducing the carbon footprint and thus demonstrating a commitment to this important environmental concern
  • Saving management time through not having to travel to meetings

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