Resource Strategic Change Facilitators


Resource provides training programmes that are tailor made to meet specific requirements


We enable teams to see new ways of working and develop specific skills so that they grow in confidence and effectiveness.
Resource offers a wide range of courses that build skills and capabilities
Resource offers a wide range of courses that build skills and capabilities.

Change Management - understanding how to manage the cultural and economic aspects of change which arises from any improvement activity

Project Management - the key elements of managing a project to deliver benefits

Process Optimisation - which requires: stakeholder buy-in; analysis; identification of areas for improvement; developing the plan for optimisation; gaining commitment
and implementation

Performance Management – any organisational project requires a re-framing of the performance criteria and a clear understanding of the difference between
‘targets’ and ‘performance’

Facilitation Skills – developing the underpinning skills that enable managers and team to become more effective

Leadership/People Skills – how to create a commitment to a vision for change and manage people’s expectations and concerns; how to influence and win support.

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