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Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops
Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Workshop Four
Making Emotional Intelligence work for you

To enable participants to practice their Social Skills in the context of Emotional Intelligence. This interactive workshop will provide individuals with the opportunity to:
  • Practice key communication skills in an Emotionalyl Intelligent way
  • Explore collaborative approaches
  • Understand how to resolve conflict

Being Emotional Intelligent means more than understanding the concepts - it means, as well, being able to act in an Emotional Intelligent way in a whole range of situations and contexts. This workshop will allow individuals  to experiment with the social skills needed to be seen and recognised as Emotional Intelligent.

Designed for:
Anyone who has learnt about Emotional Intelligence and is keen to explore how to demonstrate their Emotional Intelligence by using a range of social skills.

As a result of participating in the workshop you will:
  • Understand the key factors in collaboration and demonstrate the process of collaborating
  • Communicate in an Emotional Intelligent way
  • Explore conflict resolution in the framework of Emotional Intelligence
  • Utilise a number of transferable techniques:
  • SPO
  • SNIB
  • Team Process Iceberg┬«
  • SCA
  • Four Level Model of Feedback
Duration: 1 day.

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