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Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops
Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Workshop two
Self Regulation/Management

To enable participants to explore Self-Management, in a safe environment, in the context of Emotional Intelligence. This interactive workshop will provide individuals with the opportunity to:
  • Conduct an 'action audit' to examine the way they work
  • Explore their response to difficult situations
  • Practice using techniques to manage their emotions

When an individual is faced with ‘tough’ situations in an already fraught day then it is often not surprising that they 'let it all go', only to regret it later. However, those with a good Emotional Intelligence are able to regulate their emotions and act appropriately and to stay in control. This workshop will allow individuals to explore what makes them 'go bang' and to learn self management techniques which will help in everyday life.

Designed for:
Anyone who is keen to develop their Emotional Intelligence and in particular their Self-Regulation / Management.

As a result of participating in the workshop you will:
  • Analyse the scenarios which have the potential to ‘de-rail you and determined ‘early warning’ strategies
  • Explore how to respond flexibly to unsettling situations
  • Learn to manage your emotions and to stay ’neutral’ when appropriate
  • Confronted the things that make you angry and explored how to manage your reactions
  • Be able to apply anger management techniques to the toughest situations
  • Utilise a number of transferable techniques:
    • Better self-talk
    • Staying in neutral
    • Personal Process Iceberg┬«
    • Repertory Grid as a tool for self exploration
    • Using "I"
    • Reflection as a coping mechanism

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