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Online competency profiling, 360º feedback of individuals, groups and data analysis for organisations using ADaPT®ability
Training and Accreditation Workshop


To provide trainers, specialists and managers with the skills and knowledge to provide a value added service through profiling, analysis and effective feedback.

The workshop will offer you:
How to create bespoke questionnaires to meet the client’s needs
How to use ADaPT®ability to add value to your service/product
Tools and techniques to enhance your business offering
Accreditation in the use and application of ADaPT®ability

Profiling' is the basis of many services which trainers provide. They provide the framework for:
training and development
career planning
training/learning needs analysis
360º profiling
coaching and mentoring
organisational audits

You will learn to use various techniques.
This will be based on such processes as:

Personal Construct Psychology – a sophisticated method of eliciting data from an audience. This approach can be used to identify issues and factors, the values associated with them and the evidence which demonstrates their existence.
Strategic ‘Mapping’ – taking the strategy and extrapolating the core capabilities and competencies needed by the organisation and the individuals.

In addition you will learn how to set up a profiling project and how to use ADaPT®ability to add value to your activities. Delegates will also learn how to use the profiles in different situations and how to feedback the profiles using the on-screen ADaPT®viewer. This business opportunity is designed for: Trainers, HR Managers, change agents and specialists who are involved, or likely to be involved in:

360° feedback
appraisals and performance management
training needs analysis


As a result of participating in the workshop you will be able to:
Understand how to select the most appropriate methods for identifying competencies
Write a competency statement with the supporting behaviours
Set up a profiling project
Link training and development to competencies
Give individual feedback on a profile
Conduct a training needs audit and define the corporate training and development needs
Understand how to 'sell' the concept of competencies and their value in business terms


The workshop will be 1 day in duration and there will be opportunities to try a number of different techniques as well as practice giving individual feedback. As a result of the programme you will have:
Understanding of how to use ADaPT®ability to its full extent
Expertise and credibility in designing questionnaires in a variety of situations
A range of techniques for one-to-one feedback
Support in the use of ADaPT®ability to enhance your business
Certification in the ADaPT®ability process
Link from our site to yours
The right to use the ADaPT® logo on your web site
Opportunity to use case studies to illustrate the benefits

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