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Handyside Facilitation

Handyside Facilitation in New Zealand is preparing to deliver Process Iceberg® Facilitation on behalf of Resource Strategic Change Facilitators.

We are delighted that Handyside is offering Process Iceberg® facilitation in Australasia. The approach fits well with their ‘Project Essentials’ training modules and adds a new dimension to stakeholder engagement/consultation, planning and partnership working.

To contact Handyside about this opportunity visit their web site at:

Resource Strategic Change Facilitators has been awarded ‘Framework Agreement’ status to deliver Teambuilding within Network Rail. In conjunction with Westwood Management Centre managers will be able to access the expertise of Resource to deliver: indoor, outdoor and adventure teambuilding events to support: individual and team development and business improvement and change management projects.

Leeds University

Delivering Adventure Teambuilding Events
In partnership with Leeds University Resource Strategic Change Facilitators is able to offer adventure teambuilding events. Will Patterson heads the BSc (Hons) Sports Science (Outdoor Activities) degree programme which is designed to address the specific problems posed by the demands of adventurous outdoor activities such as rock and ice climbing, caving, white water canoeing, paragliding and many others.

His expertise combined with the skills of the Resource facilitators provides a special combination of skills when working with teams seeking to address personal, team and business development issues.

Bell Thompson

They enable you to access a range of training solutions that will help to reduce the hassle and worry of delivering effective essential training to employees in your business.


Prospects4Sport deliver consultancy, facilitation and training services for the sport, leisure, health and physical activity sector.


Zmiana is a change management consultancy specialising in Facilitation, participative change management methodologies, project management and leadership training. They are currently introducing Process Iceberg into Poland.

Public Courses/Workshops
Resource Strategic Change Facilitators runs public Facilitation skills workshops in conjunction with Fenman.

Resource Strategic Change Facilitators is working with the North Yorkshire Improvement Partnership to deliver Facilitation Skills for Leaders and Managers in Local Government. The workshops have proved a major success and have ‘up skilled’ the managers who are seeking to deliver improvement in partnership working, consultation, engagement with communities and to support their own internal teams.

Leeds Met University

Accreditation and Professional Qualification in Facilitation
Working with Leeds Metropolitan University, Resource Strategic Change Facilitators is able to provide a professional qualification in Facilitation. For more information on this visit:

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