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Resource over 20 years experience of training professional facilitators and developing facilitation skills within organisations to support process improvement and change.


Resource offers Qualifications in Facilitation in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Development and Leeds Metropolitan University. There is a route through to Master level.


Resource has built a valuable reputation for the work that it has undertaken with government departments, the public sector and major corporations in the UK and internationally. The “Route to Master Facilitation” Programme is now being used and applied in New Zealand and will soon be available in Poland.

Training for individuals and teams
Resource offers a range of training and coaching to build skills and develop teams. The Qualifications in Facilitation offered through ILM and Leeds Metropolitan University brings academic recognition for the skills that people develop. Resource offer facilitation training through:
  • Public workshops
  • Internal training programmes
  • Skills transference whilst working with teams of specific projects

Stage 1 Feedback
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“The 'Process Improvement Facilitator' Programme has provided me and the team with a great opportunity to learn and practice facilitation as a team. It is not very often that we put adequate time aside as a team to develop both individual and team skills whilst using real examples and issues to resolve. These workshops have given us exactly this experience. In particular, process facilitation has changed the way the senior team operates, in that it has given us a common understanding and language to focus not just on the results but also on the process of achieving positive outcomes and sustainable results.

My team now has a better understanding of how we interact, our personal styles and the way to get the best from each other and therefore the team. This has included how to diffuse frustrations and any negative emotions that could get in the way of good team dynamics. We are now applying what we have learned and practiced with very good effect and results.”

Steve Pretty
Lifton Site

Tony was an excellent facilitator/trainer – very supportive and patient. Although there was a large amount to cover on the two day workshop, he made it fun and memorable. I found the techniques and models to apply during facilitation very useful. The resources I received as an attendee are also excellent and very helpful. I was really surprised how difficult and in depth the area of facilitation actually is. So I was grateful that I learnt a number of skills that will be useful in meetings, workshops, and training.
Lorraine Mackle
Senior Learning Information Specialist
North Yorkshire County Council

"I personally got an enormous amount from the Programme. The tools enabled real robust improvement plans to be developed and encouraged good cross functional team working. It's the best Programme I have been on in 20 years and the most useful as I still use many of the techniques. In the short term it gave an energy and excitement to the team and action plans which drove real improvement. It helped move the site forward culturally and allowed for much greater employee engagement. The IR situation improved beyond recognition and we achieved recognition in a number of areas for improved performance. This has continued since then and team still use many of the tools."

As a bonus I learnt loads about myself and others from Myers Briggs which allowed the release of so much potential from working together in a synergistic way and the facilitation tools proved invaluable at a site that had previously been run very autocratically (the tools ensure a facilitative leadership style at all levels)

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