Resource Strategic Change Facilitators


Resource has extensive experience of designing and running key events internationally and in the UK.


The outcome of an event is dependent upon how it is designed. Event facilitation ensures that the critical outcomes are achieved and that potential complexity and uncertainty is anticipated and managed.


Events such as conferences and workshops can offer huge benefits by bringing together the right people to achieve significant results in a short space of time.

Resource has over 17 years experience of designing and running key events. We undertake event facilitation in the UK and internationally. We have proved over and over that we can help teams and groups to produce extraordinary results through professionally facilitated events and meetings. We provide the expertise and creativity to ensure that the event is enjoyable, memorable and successful.

We are committed to providing non-prescriptive support to help organisations implement business critical initiatives. Professional event facilitation ensures that the greatest value is achieved from the available time.

Capturing ideas using Facil® in an innovation event in Poland

‘Tony has so much energy and enthused us all throughout the day. He knows his subject matter so well and was able to tailor his knowledge and expertise to our particular work situation and difficulties. As an outsider looking in on our problems within our workplace, he was able to help us reach solutions which have enabled us to be more efficient with our time and more dynamic in our discussions.’
Penny Ademuyiwa
Senior Care Manager
Keighley Assessment Team

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