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Working together with Leeds University we have developed a clear understanding of what teambuilding is and how it can be achieved.

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We work indoors, outdoors and in an ‘adventure’ environment to provide teams with the right context to achieve their goals.
Event Feedback
Below are a selection of comments left by members from their feedback

Overall, how satisfied are you with the event?
    Very Good
    Very satisfied with the event

How effective did you find the facilitators in terms of their ability to support learning and that of the group?
    Excellent support
    Very effective facilitators
    I thought that some of the facilitators were very good while others were very counter productive
    Excellently facilitated teambuilding events

    I thought that the first day was extremely long and coupled with the heat of the room made it harder later on in the day.
    Enjoyed the interaction and the rotation of parts of my teams throughout the two days
    Excellent team building event, great fun and positive actions
    Excellent facilitators
    An excellent couple of days. External facilitators were not always helpful. Some of their contributions hampered progress rather than accelerating it. Good team building game.
    Overall very satisfied
What topics covered on the event were Most Valuable to you and why?
    I enjoyed the games/team building as it gave a chance to get to know other people and have fun which gives talking points later when we have to work together.
    The team building exercises as I found it enjoyable and it promoted interactivity with people I have never met.
    Turning the issues lists into actions – means something will be done to address them.
    Teamwork from the events on Day 1
    Control team Top Ten issues
    Communication – going forward and Values
    Issues and actions
    The first topic – identifying problem areas to be improved. The games and construction was relaxed and fun
    Top issues – now I’ve identified I can do something about it
    Team building exercise (i.e. Challenge)
    Issues turned into actions
    Meet and greet, issues workshop + team-building
    Action planning for Top 10 issues
    All topics were very useful and will improve the way in which I and the team work.
    How certain issues will be resolved and by whom
    Top 10 issues and actions

    Possession planning – because I fully understand it
    Presentations – outlining roles/activities of other aspects of control function
    Getting to know other members of the team. Raising issues and plans in place to help resolve.
    Group sessions – enabled me to get to know especially South staff
What topics covered on the event were Least Valuable to you and why?
    I found the ‘work stream actions’ least valuable as I felt the item was taken over by one member of the team.
    All valuable
    Excellence presentations
    Document control – not really interested
    Mission statement – think we all know what we need to do and people would have enjoyed another game orientated topic
    Q12 as I am not an employee
    The Charter – covered many things already discussed
    Presentations – too many
    None – all were valuable
    All the topics covered were valuable
    Development of values etc – interesting but have reservations as to how much value they add
    Construction phase of the team build – not just me - even with a bad back
What will you do differently as a team as a result of the event?
    I will know team members in different offices and be able to deal more effectively with them
    Strive to understand the issues existing in the other control functions
    More team meetings – stronger communication/leadership
    Coordinating with team more effectively
    Communicate more effectively
    Regular review of outputs
    Communicate more effectively, since we now know each other very well.
    More personal background and information of control team members staff who I haven’t met before
    Better communication between the team
    Team just formed – meet as a team on a regular basis
Additional Comments regarding the event or the facilitators
    I thought the events were good but the first day was better even if it was quite long. However, I felt the main let down was the temperature of the rooms.
    A round-the-room introduction session at the beginning
    Name labels as well as security pass in order to see people’s names easily
    Lack of name badges gave good banter!
    Very approachable and knowledgeable facilitators.
    Friendly, positive team and good fun to work with
    Introductions at start would have helped
    Roles in the team building were too rigid
    Two day event was just the right length
    The team building event went on too long in Day 1. The rooms were too hot. Four of the five facilitators were excellent and really helpful and enhanced our two days. One was somewhat patronising and counter productive.
    There were no introductions at the start so it took time to recognise everyone
    Excellent – one of the best facilitated events – done with genuine integrity and enthusiasm
    Good facilitation
    Very good
    Very good 2 days – more enjoyable and instructive than I previously thought – well done!!
    Occasionally facilitators need to be more assertive (e.g. last session – to stop someone taking over).
    Thanks for putting up with my back problems

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