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I just wanted to thank you for the initial course. It was one of the most valuable courses I have been on for some time. I would really like to do some more intensive sessions as these sets of skills are critical in doing the sort of work I do. It has helped me clarify some thoughts about what direction I will be working in as the whole subject resonates with the way I like to work. I am also a volunteer community mediator with Mediation Leeds and some of the skills and techniques we covered are very similar to the mediation skills we use. I was wondering if you would be interested in having a discussion with one or two of my colleagues at Mediation Leeds and myself regarding the possibility of integrating the two areas of work? The reason I suggest this is that there is some early interest in developing the process of community/group mediation as a tool to assist community development/community cohesion. As a neighbourhood manager I see the need for this work daily. What I learnt has started me thinking…

I would be interested in knowing more about your Master Qualification in Facilitation.

Gerry Andrews,
Little Horton Streets Ahead Neighbourhood Manager
Royds Community Association

“I personally got an enormous amount from the five day programme. I learnt loads about myself and others from Myers Briggs which allowed the release of so much potential from working together in a synergistic way and the facilitation tools proved invaluable at as site that had previously been run very autocratically (the tools ensure a facilitative leadership style at all levels). The tools enabled real robust improvement plans to be developed and encouraged good cross functional team working. It's the best program I have been on in 20 years and the most useful as I still use many of the techniques. In the short term it gave an energy and excitement to the team and action plans, which drove real improvement. It helped move the site forward culturally and allowed for much greater employee engagement. The IR situation improved beyond recognition and we achieved recognition in a number of areas for improved performance.
This continued for some time and I believe the remaining team still use many of the tools.”

Eva Wheeler
Brand Technical Controller - Hovis Bread Bakeries Division
Premier Foods

“As recently as last Friday, I held a very powerful facilitation session with the senior team following our Supermarket client inspection. Our ability to very quickly coalesce as a mature problem solving team is vastly different from how it was before the Programme. The value of having my team and I trained and developed in the basics of process facilitation skills have more than delivered for us since 2002. The opportunity to immediately start to practice the skills and use them in our everyday business lives to help with problem solving/continuous improvement was the difference between this and any other skills development course previously encountered. Practice as they say makes perfect and the development in terms of maturity of the team to be able to define tasks and facilitate solutions/outcomes has improved in the past 7 years to the point where it permeates the team to all levels. The use of post its, dots, white/brown paper wall charts is the minimum that the teams will use when meeting to discuss/resolve issues & problems. The techniques of, for example, brain dump, fishbone diagrams, SCA, SPO, Snap , cluster and the myriad of other techniques has gone into common usage and all teams are adept at moving more quickly from correctly identifying a task to a solution in either small or larger groups. The most frequently used piece of problem solving equipment I have sits on my desk - my facilitation kit.

In short, the five day Programme is an excellent one, easily understood and of immediate use and value to all areas of our, or any other business in identifying and resolving issues and problems at many levels.”

Gordon Swanston
Manager, Avonmouth
Hovis Bread Bakeries Division

“Tony is a visionary in the field of facilitation. He is always looking ahead to what can be achieved and is not content with just doing a good enough job. As a facilitator he is very pragmatic and I have seen him introduce facilitation techniques into a variety of environments so that managers can use facilitation to speed up their decision making and engage their employees. In the world of facilitation he is a breath of fresh air and common sense!”
Christine Bell
Bellthompson Ltd

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