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The 'Change Management Dashboard' is designed to help your organisation plan and prepare for projects and change.

Change Dashboard The Dashboard provides information on the:
  • the 'Complexity of the Change'
  • organisation’s 'Readiness for Change'
  • 'Strategic Leadership' style required to lead the organisation through the change
  • balance between the 'Economic and Values' imperatives
  • potential 'Resistance to Change'

Introducing the Change Management Dashboard

You can visualise your change project using meaningful metrics on a “Change Management Dashboard”. You can use these metrics to identify the issues beforehand and thereby take action to ensure your change is going to be successful.

The "Change Management Dashboard" can:
Help you make sense of the complex issues involved in the change. Highlight the ‘critical’ issues that must be addressed if the change (project) is to be successful.

Bring agreement about the aspects to be tackled and lead to a plan that takes account of them.
Identify how ready the organisation is for change. Many organizations find they lack the capability to manage change, particularly as it is usually driven by external drivers.

Bring awareness to the need to prepare for change, just like an athlete prepares to compete
Help identify the appropriate leadership style to take the organisation forward. In this complex world ‘charisma’ is a poor substitute for appropriate leadership.

Create understanding on what leaders need to focus on s they take their organisation through change.
Show how change can bring economic and financial success and destroy the heart of the organisation at the same time. Many businesses have effectively killed the internal ‘ethos’ of the organisation in the pursuit of financial gain.

Bring the subject to the surface so that the change plan can be judged.
Show how magnitude of the resistance to change and the key aspects that are the focal point for discontentment and therefore resistance.

Illustrate the likely resistance to change factors and determine how to tackle them before they begin to fester.

Is failure so inevitable?
The growing evidence that the majority of (change) projects fail to deliver the intended outcomes is now alarming. Why is change so risky, yet so inevitable? The answer lies in the reality that despite the fact that the case for change is easily made, the difficulties are not so easily articulated.

Resource has been providing participative change management support since 1995. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you implement a change programme, and, using the “Change Management Dashboard”, you can analyse the key metrics in a way that forewarns you of potential pitfalls. The Change Management Dashboard profiles enables you to manage efficient participative change!

So what exactly is the "Change Management Dashboard"?
The questionnaires that make up the "Change Management Dashboard" profiles are designed to give an insight into the organisation in the context of change or a major project against five key capabilities:

Change Complexity:
the complexity of the impending change/project measured against a number of key factors that determine how difficult the change/project will be.

Readiness for Change:
the organisation’s capability to manage the change/project and how ready it is for the change.

Strategic Leadership style:
the leadership style required by the organisation in the light of the impending change/project.

the delicate balance between the ‘Economic’ imperative for change and the need to preserve and enhance the organisational ‘Values and Ethos’.

Resistance to Change:
the resistance to change that needs to be identified and recognised in order to manage it effectively.

All these are key aspects that determine the ability of the organisation to be effective in the context of change. The Profiles from each questionnaire are displayed in a "Change Management Dashboard" for use by the leadership/management team.

For more information on how you can use these profiles in your organisation please feel free to contact us and see how it could help avoid the pitfalls that beset most (change) projects.

Why use the "Change Management Dashboard"?
Just as a vehicle has a dashboard displaying all the key information needed to ensure it is performing efficiently, so the change dashboard highlights key metrics that are important for an organisation to manage change effectively.

Businesses are already using dashboards to measure and review data such as: financial metrics, sales figures and accidents, in order to give attention to their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The “Change Management Dashboard” has the capability to assess key factors that will impact on the change agenda and display it in a graphical and profile report format in order to provide early warning of issues that could derail the change and damage the organisation’s effectiveness.

What does this offer? It means that (change) projects can go forward in confidence, knowing that the issues have been highlighted and are being dealt with as part of the change agenda (not separately or worse still, ignored).

Find out more and she how the Dashboard could help your organization to manage change and projects.

Who is it for?
The directors, senior managers, managers and project managers who want to be in control of change and projects and know that they have identified the key factors that cause failure and have instead planned to manage the destructive issues.

It is also for all those who need to know how their part of the organisation is performing and how it will cope going through change.

Creating your own organisation's dashboard
Once you have selected, maybe with the help and support a professional Facilitator, the appropriate questionnaires that will make up your “Change Management Dashboard”, then you will be able to access the questionnaires, where the different questionnaires will be displayed. You will be able to invite anyone of your choosing to complete them and Resource will manage the take-up, reporting to you who has completed the questionnaires, until everyone one has done so.

Note: When we say ‘organisation’ we mean: the whole organisation, a single project, a department, a work team or an envisaged change.

Getting the data
Once the questionnaires are complete we will produce the requisite Profiles and upload the graphs onto your private URL, together with the Reports. Each metric/graph will have a data source and show how each different audience viewed the factors.

Using the "Change Management Dashboard"
Accessing your "Change Management Dashboard" is either directly through your browser, to the private URL and/or as PDF reports available to you and your Facilitator. In addition to the Profiles and Reports we have produced ‘Facilitated Action Plans’ to enable you, together with your Facilitator/change agent to manage the change process.

What next?
Contact us and discuss how the "Change Management Dashboard" can help you. Trial one of the questionnaires, see how accurate it is at identifying the issues and consequently how it can help you to forestall problems and execute change more effectively.

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